RSD Series

About RSD Series

The RSD series stem from a line of small fighting game tournaments organized by LLL.MBR in late 2010.

In 2012 the RSD crew got together and we organized our first international tournament. Though it was still relatively small compared to other tournaments, the hype and the competition were certainly there.

In 2013 we gained more contacts and resources and were able to run the second edition of RSD international in a movie theatre. And with a added pot bonus and a sponsored raffle this was certainly a succesful event.

Now in 2014 we hope to do it even bigger by bringing fighting game tournaments to the competitive gaming circuit at events like 'The Party".

Fighting game tournaments are always considered a 'niche' even within gaming community's. We just don't have the numbers of MOBA's, First-Person Shooters or strategy games. We hope by organizing alongside these other gaming community's we spark their competitive gaming interest for fighting games and help grow our own fighting game community.

There is no denying that fighting games are one of the most competitive gaming genres out there, the hype and diverse community, the passion of the players, the excitement of the highest level of play. All of this deserves support.

With RSD we are trying to make this happen and share our love of fighting games with you.

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